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Ghoultown: "Drink With The Living Dead" motion art video illustrations (Zoviet Records, USA 2011)

Disembody: Reigniting Hellfire (Witchhammer Productions, Thailand 2021)
Ghoultown: Curse of Eldorado (Angry Planet Entertainment, USA 2020)
Chilliard: The Branches Always Creaking (Chilliard, USA 2020)
Siculicidium: Az alámerülés lárvái (Sun & Moon Records, Romania 2020)
Denominate: Isochron (Inverse Records, Finland 2020)
Denominate: Abandoned -single (Inverse Records, Finland 2020)
Ghoultown: Where Voodoo Sleeps -single (Angry Planet Entertainment, USA 2020)
Denominate: The Chain -single (Inverse Records, Finland 2020)
Black Pestilence: Hail the Flesh CD (Black Pestilence, Canada 2020)
Black Pestilence: Spurn All Gods - single (Black Pestilence, Canada 2020)
Darkened Horizons: Silentium Universi (Darkened Horizons, USA 2020)
Fog Warrior: ...Whilst Rooted in Obscurity CD (Via Nocturna, Poland 2019)
Assassin's Blade: Gather Darkness CD (Pure Steel Records, Germany 2019)
Siculicidium: A halál és az iránytu 7" EP (Sun & Moon Records, Romania 2019)
Usurper: Lords of the Permafrost CD (Soulseller Records, Netherlands 2019)
Aghor: Graves With No Crosses 12” EP (Offense Records, Estonia 2018)
National Napalm Syndicate: Time is the Fire CD (Iron Shield Records, Germany 2018)
My Silent Wake: There Was Death CD/LP (Minotauro Records, Italy 2018)
Unholy: the Second Ring of Power LP (Peaceville Records, UK 2017)
Pile of Priests: Tenebrous Labyrinth EP (Pile of Priests, USA 2017)
Pile of Priests: Redemptionem Per Cruciatu -single (Pile of Priests, USA 2017)
Under Eden: An Aeons Long Shadow CD (Sleazy Rider Records, Greece 2017)
Ligature Wound: Undead Of The Night CD (Iron, Blood & Death Corp. , Mexico 2016)
Denominate: Those Who Beheld The End CD (Inverse Records, Finland 2016)
Denominate: Penumbra -Single (Denominate, Finland 2016)
Morningstar: Heretic Metal CD/LP (New Era Productions, Netherlands 2016)
Black Pestilence: Carry on the Black Flame EP (Black Pestilence, Canada 2016)
Hooded Eagle: Nightscapes from the Abyssal Plane CD (Swamp Metal Records, USA 2015)
My Silent Wake: Damnatio Memoriae CD/LP/CS (House of Ashes Productions, Italy 2015)
Encrypted: Realm of Confusion CD (Encrypted, Finland 2014)
Void Moon: Where the sleeper lies awake EP (Monster Nation, Czech Republic 2014)
National Napalm Syndicate: Lex Talionis EP (Violent Journey Records, Finland 2014)
Dark Ring: Kissing the Ring of Angel CD(Lalaso Records, China 2014)
Vestal Claret: The Cult of Vestal Claret CD/LP(Cruz Del Sur Music, Italy 2014)
Scythe: Subterranean Steel MC (Serpent Eve Records, Bulgaria 2013)
Isvind: Daymura CD (Folter Records, Germany 2013)
Frostland Darkness: Ad Moriendum Dei Gratia CD (Inverse Records, Finland 2013)
Kalmah: Seventh Swamphony CD/LP (Spinefarm Records, Finland 2013)
Rapture: Gun Metal EP (Rapture, Greece 2013)
Biotoxic Warfare: Baptized in Blood and Greed EP (Biotoxic Warfare, Greece 2013)
Dark Ring: Reborn from the Inferno CD (HMH, USA 2013)
Nocturne - Ave Noctem CD cover art (Do or Die Records, USA 2013)
Destroyer of Light CD (DoL, USA 2012)
Deathmarched - Spearhead Of Iron CD (Violent Journey Records VJR062, Finland 2012)
Rock Tribune CD 117 (Rock Tribune Magazine – RT1207, Alcatraz Music – RT1207, Belgium 2012)
Scythe: Beware the Scythe CD (Primitive Reaction Records, Finland 2012)
Sadistik Forest: Death, Doom, Radiation CD (Violent Journey Records, Finland 2012)
Unholy: the Second Ring of Power CD/DVD (Peaceville Records, UK 2011)
Grenouer: Computer Crime CD (Copro Records, UK 2011)
Skirmish: Through the Abacinated Eyes CD (Violent Journey Records, Finland 2011)
Corpset: Ruins CD (Violent Journey Records, Finland 2011)
Professori Heikkerö:Possu ja Sorvari CD (Violent Journey Records, Finland 2011)
Altars of Destruction: Gallery of Pain CD (Violent Journey Records, Finland 2010)
Simple Existenz: Das Leben vor dem Tod CD (Ván Records, Germany 2010)
Demonstration of Penetration III CD (Violent Journey Records, Finland 2010)
Catholicon: Of Ages Past CD backcover art (UW Records, USA 2009)
Vuohivasara: A Cult Revived CD (Iron, Blood & death Corporation, Mexico 2009)
Metuja: Enimmäkseen Harmiton CD (Violent Journey Records, Finland 2009)
Adastra: Death or Domination CD (Violent Journey Records, Finland 2008)
Goathemy: Torn CD (Violent Journey Records, Finland 2008)
Metuja: Hulluus Aateloi CD (Violent Journey Records, Finland 2008)
Catholicon: Treatise on the Abyss CD (Negativity Records, USA 2007)
Usurper: Threshold of the Usurper reissue CD/LP (Primitive Reaction records, Finland 2007)
Adastra: The Last Sunset CD (Violent Journey Records, Finland 2007)
Thrashing Relics Vol 1 CD (Bestial Burst Records, Finland 2006)
Denial of God: The Horrors of Satan CD/LP (Painkiller Records, Belgium 2006)
Ghoultown: Bury Them Deep CD backcover art (Zoviet Records, USA 2006)
Usurper: Cryptobeast CD backcover art (Earache Records, UK 2005)
Crowpath: Son of Sulphur CD (Willowtip Records, USA 2005)
Torture Wheel: Crushed Under CD (Firedoom Music, Finland 2005)
Burning Point: To Hell and Back/The Road to Hell single (Poison Arrow Records, Finland 2004)
Assignment: Progressive Changes CD (Rock Express Records, Serbia 2004)
New Eden: Stagnant Progression CD (P and P Records, USA 2003)
Kalmah: Swampsong CD (Spikefarm Records, Finland 2003)
Kalmah: They Will Return CD (Spikefarm Records, Finland 2002)
Autopsy: Torn from the Grave CD (Peaceville Records, UK 2001)
Arthemesia: Devs-Iratvs CD (Native North Records, Norway 2000)
Kalmah: Swamplord CD (Spikefarm records, Finland 2000)
Fleshgrind: The Seeds of Abysmal Torment CD (Olympic Recordings, USA 2000)
Usurper: Visions from the Gods CD (Necropolis Records, USA 2000)
Thalarion: Four Elements Mysterium CD (Mighty Music, Denmark 2000)
Forest of Impaled: Demonvoid CD (Red Stream Records, USA 1999)
Fortification 55: Yesterday And Tomorrow CD (Glasnost Records, Germany 1999)
Malignancy: Intauterine Cannibalism CD (United Guttural Records, USA 1999)
Hypnosia: Violent Intensity EP (Iron Fist Productions, Sweden 1999)
Unholy: Gracefallen CD (Avantgarde Music, Italy 1999)
Whiplash: Messages in Blood CD (Displeased Records, Netherlands 1999)
New Eden: Obscure Master Plan CD (Nuclear Blast Records, Germany 1999)
Emperor: Conquering Europe CD (Warlord Records 1999, bootleg CD with bootleg art - art from Nagelfar Strontgorrth CD)
Nagelfar: Strontgorrth CD (Kettenhund Records, Germany 1999)
Lament: Through the Reflection CD (Little Rose, Finland 1999)
Mordecai: Through the Woods, Towards the Dawn splitCD (Little Rose, Finland 1999)
Theory in Practice: The Armageddon Theories CD (Pulverised Records, Singapore 1999)
SFB: The Last dance CD (MBI Records, USA 1999)
Usurper: Skeletal Season CD/LP (Necropolis Records, USA 1999)
Nigizzia: The Dark Path demo CD (Ningizzia, SWE 1998)
Catholicon: Lost Chronicles of the War in Heaven (UW Records, USA 1998)
Immortal Dominion: Endure CD (ID, USA 1998)
Darkwoods My Betrothed: Witch-hunts CD (Spinefarm Records, Finland 1998)
Dew-Scented: Innoscent CD (Grind Syndicate Media, Germany 1998)
Absu: In the Eyes of Ioldánach mini-CD booklet art (Osmose Productions, France 1998)
In The Woods...: Omnio LP cover, cd booklet (Misanthropy Records, UK 1997)
Fleshcrawl: Bloodred Massacre CD (Black Mark Production, Sweden 1997)
Edge of Sanity: Infernal CD (Black Mark Production, Sweden 1997)
Divine Sin: Thirteen Candles CD (Black Mark Production, Sweden 1997)
World of Silence: Window of Heaven CD (Black Mark Production, Sweden 1996)
Nightingale: The Closing Chronicles CD (Black Mark Production, Sweden 1996)
Dorsal Atlantica: Straight CD inlay painting (Cogumelo Records, Brazil 1996)
Crimson Relic: Purgatory's Reign CD (Radiation Records, Germany 1996)
Sabbat: The Dwelling - The Melody of Death Mask CD (Evil Records, Japan 1996)
Lethal Prayer: Spiritual Decay CD (Decaying Filth, USA 1996)
Four Ways to Misery CD (MMI Records, Germany 1995)
Mortiis: keiser av en Dimension Ukjent CD and LP centerfold art (Cold Meat Industry, Sweden 1995)
Soulgrind: Ladit A.D. 1999: Bihttpotb promo CD cover + disc label art (MMI Records, Germany 1995)
Various – Repulsive Assault Compilation CD (Repulse Records, Spain 1995)
Darkified: A Dance on the Grave CD (Repulse records, Spain 1995)
Beherit:Demonomancy demo MC (Beherit, Finland 1990)
Protected Illusion: Swimming in the Moonlight EP (PI, Finland 1989)
ARG: Entrance LP (Megamania, Finland, 1989)

Kaapuveikko 6 (2022)
Haamuvarjo | The Gunman and the Ghost (2021)
Underground Metal Comix (2020)
Kaapuveikko 5 (Kaapu Press 2019)
Raivotar (Kaapu Press 2018)
Kaapuveikko ja hurinapossu (Kaapu Press 2017)
Kirkonpolttajatar ja muita kertomuksia (Kaapu Press 2015)
Blue Hood Meets the Horrible Taxman (BoD 2015)
Kaapuveikko 4 - Karhujen sukua (Kaapu Press 2015)
Minä olen Kaapuveikko (Kaapu Press 2014)
Kaapuveikko 3 - Mystinen korpikolmikko (Kaapu Press 2013)
Rietas Heittiö (Kaapu Press 2013)
Kaapuveikko 2 – Mörisevä huru-ukko (Kaapu Press 2011)
The GUNFIGHTeRrrrr – V Sermones Ad Mortuos (Zum Teufel 2009)
Kaapuveikko I (self-published 2006)
Poro Puri – Piru Peri (J. Vuorma: kauheimmat/kauneimmat sarjakuvat 1992-2003) (self-published 2004)
Blanco - 22 Venomous vipers ( self-published 2003)
Blanco in the house of decay (self-published 2001)
Kaapuveikko ja Verokarhu (Sarjamafia 1999)
Misanthropica (The Preacher Man II) (Kooma magazine 1998)
The Sermon (The Preacher Man I) (Wild Rags, USA 1996)
Saarnaaja (Sputnik Press, Finland 1995)
Preacher-Blood for the Bloodgod (self-published 1993)
Kuu-ukko (self-published 1992)

Prophecy Anthology Volume 1 ("In the Garden of Eden" comic , Sequent Media Inc. San Diego CA, USA 2004)
Hitleri poimii hilloja ("Hitleri poimii hilloja" comic, published by Kemin Sarjakuvakeskus 1995)
Pieni vampyyritarina (Kaapuveikko comic, published by Kemin Sarjakuvakeskus 1992)

Iijokiseutu (Fin), Ilta-Sanomat(Fin), Viikko Pohjois-Karjala (Fin), Myrkky (Fin), Pahkasika (Fin), Punaniska (Fin), Pudasjärven Sanomat (Fin), Gomix (Fin), Ruuvari (Fin), Vault of Shadows (USA) and many, many others...

Masterpieces 2019 (Heavy Music Artwork, UK)
Arte Arcana (Heavy Music Artwork, UK 2018)
Darkadya Book 2 (Darkadya Books, USA 2016)
Second Ice - the album covers of Juha Vuorma (self-published 2006, ISBN 952-99708-1-1)
New Ice - Paintings 1996-2006 (self-published 2006, ISBN 952-91-9892-2)

The Arctic Comic Festival, Kemi 1995 5th prize (Hitleri poimii hilloja -comic)
The Arctic Comic Festival, Kemi 1992 Honorary mention (Kaapuveikko -comic)

Oulu 2022
Taidehuone Pohjantähti, Pudasjärvi 2019
Valve Art Gallery, Oulu 2015 ("Mysterium Praesentia" )
Pudasjärvi 1988

Hybriden, Malmö, Sweden 2016 ("Hunger of Horror")
Sarjakuvagalleria!, Oulu, Finland 2014 ("Kuun kotimaisia Oulun seudulta")
Budapest, Hungary 2001 (International Art Expo)
Oulun Taidemuseo, Oulu Finland 1999 (Oulun läänin kuvataide, nuorten aluenäyttely)
Kemin Taidemuseo 1997, Kemi, Finland (Comic artists from Northern Finland, Cape au Nord - Pohjoinen asema)
Ravintola Snooker Time , Oulu Finland 1995
Aineen Taidemuseo, (Shamaanikesä), Tornio, Finland 1993
Taiteiden Yö, Itakeskus, Helsinki, Finland 1993
Galleria Rannan Matala, Oulu, Finland 1992

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