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Usurper: Lords of the Permafrost CD/LP (Soulseller Records, Netherlands 2019) Hooded Eagle: Nightscapes from the Abyssal Plane CD (Swamp Metal Records, USA 2015) Autopsy: Torn from the grave CD cover art Through the storm (acrylic on canvas)   J. Vuorma Kalmah: Seventh Swamphony CD cover art (Spinefarm Records 2013) Usurper: Skeletal Season CD/LP (Necropolis Records, USA 1999) Arthemesia: Devs-Iratvs CD (Native North Records, Norway 2001)

Juha Vuorma is an underground artist from northern Finland.
He entered the metal underground back in the late 80's as the bassist of National Napalm Syndicate, one of the pioneering thrash metal bands in Finland. He recorded several demo tapes and one full length album with the band. Later when the band was on hiatus, he started concentrating solely on his art.

His paintings have been widely published on album covers by underground metal bands worldwide: about 100 published covers for bands or labels in more than 20 countries.

He has done album cover paintings for bands such as Autopsy, Whiplash, Usurper, Edge of Sanity, Kalmah, In the Woods, Unholy, Denial of God, Sabbat, Morningstar, Denominate, Sadistik Forest, Dew-Scented, Nagelfar, My Silent Wake, Aghor etc.

Besides album cover art his works have been exhibited in galleries, he has illustrated a 22-card left hand path Tarot deck, created the artworks for Ghoultown's Drink with the Living Dead motion art video, is one of the original illustrators of Mortiis: Secrets of My Kingdom book, and has released 21 comic books.

His comics have been published in Finland and USA. His newspaper strip Kaapuveikko (Blue Hood) started in the 90's and is still published regularly.

ARTIST STATEMENT: The work stands alone.

COMMISSIONS: Might be interested in commissions based on themes similar to past works found on this website.
CONTACT EMAIL: jvuorma[at]
All art and comics © J. Vuorma.

Usurper: Lords of the Permafrost cover painting
Usurper: Lords of the Permafrost cover painting

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